“Music is such a personal thing, such a lucky thing. When a song hits you, if it catches you, the stars have to be aligned. If you hear it at the wrong time or at the wrong age, you’re never going to fucking get it. If somebody sends you a tape and says, ‘You’ve got to hear this tape,’ you’re probably not in the right place, because you’re under a certain amount of duress…When I was 18, I probably would’ve thought that Van Morrison was fucking awful. You need to be ready to hear a record. I know Leonard Cohen isn’t shit, but it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s subjective, and that’s what’s so beautiful about music. It doesn’t matter what you know or what you think you know, there’s always going to be somebody who listens to a song you love and says, ‘That’s shit.’ And what can you say? You can’t say anything! I can’t talk to somebody who loves Bono and convince them that he’s a prick. They think he’s great. Good for them. That’s brilliant. It’s not my business to fucking tell them any differently. When people try to bully me or tell me that my favorite artists are crap, I’m just like, ‘Leave me the fuck alone. Let me like that fucking record. How is it hurting you?’”

-Martin Freeman